Patrizia Colbertaldo Naturopata e Life Coach

Patrizia Colbertaldo

Naturopathic Doctor & Life Coach

I didn't have an easy journey but now I thank my life for all the experiences and challenges that I have overcome and that have allowed me to be who I am today. A freer person and every day  less interested in what others think about me. My daily commitment is my personal evolution aimed at having an increasingly an attentive and more aware life. I believe that the current pandemic can be an opportunity to carve out some time to reflect on the direction we want to give to our lives and that of the future inhabitants of this planet. Life is a gift and at the same time a great opportunity to correct ourselves and experience joy and abundance.
Because if we are with Life, Life will be with us

My studies and interests

My life has been and continues to be a constant research aimed at making me a more aware person and more in contact with my emotions. My personal life path has been rather stormy, but I owe a lot to it, because I would not be who I am and today and I could not help anyone if I had not experienced illness, pain, dysfunctional relationships and everything I have been through. taught and left a lot, so much so that today I can also bless the suffering I have gone through and I look at each new challenge with curiosity, because I know it will lead me to broaden my gaze on the world, and on life. My interest in naturopathic medicine was born early, after starting to study medicine, I had health problems that have never found satisfactory answers and that I carried with me from adolescence without being able to solve them, indeed my health was worsening and I had to undergo several hospitalizations without ever solving anything, so I began to deepen my research and after my studies I started working in private clinics where direct experience with patients led me to see how much health or the disease are not only on a physical level but are actually also correlated with our emotions and beliefs. Every health problem or illness tells a lot about us and only an approach that is truly holistic can lead to healing ourselves. I unconsciously began to be a "life coach" because I have always followed my patients from every point of view, physical, emotional and spiritual, and I witness in my life and in that of many other people how much the "miracle" really is within us, if we can expand our awareness and get rid of many beliefs that limit us, and that limit the chance we have of living a joyful and healthy life.
I am also interested in spirituality and during my life I have drawn from various sources, from Buddhism, to the tradition of Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, to the study of Kabbalah.
Many people have changed their lives with me or they got healed, but I do not take the credit as mine, because I know that I am just a kind of "messenger" who has been given a specific mission. And I also know that every time I have seen some healing or a tangible change I have always felt love for the person who trusted me, a love that allows me to have my profession at heart and to live it more as a mission than as a job.
I speak Italian, English, French and Spanish.
My studies

  • Degree in "Nutrition and naturopathic medicine" from Bastyr University

      Seattle (USA)

  • Yale School of Management-Women's Leadership Program
  • Master Coach- High Performance and Behavioral coaching - Behavioral Coaching Institute New York
  • Four-year degree in Naturopathy - Institute of Psychosomatic Medicine        Riza Milan
  • Master in anti-stress massage-Institute of Psychosomatic Medicine Riza Milan
  • Master in Body Mediation Relaxation Techniques - Riza Institute of Psychosomatic Medicine, Milan
  • Chopra Center-Meditation Instructor Certification
  • Diploma in Integrated Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine and Massage

       Ayurvedic - College of Integrated Medicine - London

  •  Master in Natural Medicine and Nutriceutics - University of Tor Vergata, Rome
  • Holistic Life Coach and Nutritional Coach certification - Spencer Institute (USA)


  • A journey around the world between Nutrition and Awareness - 2005
  • Weight loss and hormonal balance
  • Practical Guide to Happiness - Ed Kupfer-2016
  • Diabesity - Lecture notes for public schools
  • My Guide for Women-W.L.C. Publishing -2020

PHF - Rotary International Foundation, for  "A Key for a cause" project created with Tiffany & Co jewelers,  received as a sign of appreciation as a tangible and significant contribution in promoting better mutual understanding and friendly relations between peoples around the world.